Saturday, 20 March 2010

GMTV and update on Rachy

Hi all,
Rach is doing well at the moment after a tiny set back early on. Her friend Pete is updating her blog as and when he gets news (and does a better job of keeping everyone up to date than I ever could) Check it out here I'm so pleased that Rachy is doing well, she really was desperate for those lungs to come and they did in the nick of time. It does take a bit of a toll however on those still waiting, while you are so happy someone else got their call you still find it hard that you're stuck in the same position, waiting on that call. I am finding that a lot of the people who were on the list when I first went on have either passed away or got their calls and are living life to the full. It does make it quite hard to stay positive as I feel like I've been left behind and am in constant doubt over which staistiic I'll be part of. I am of course over the moon for Rach and really hope she continues to do well and is up exercising those shiney new lungs soon!
I was asked to do a tv appearance this week and was on GMTV on Thursday morning talking about the importance of organ donation. I have had loads of great feedback and am so pleased that it has touched so many people. GMTV reported the next day that the Organ donor website had recieved double the amount of hits as a result. It has made me determined to keep spreading the word as much as possible. Doing the interview has really effected me health wise. I had to get up at 4am and exerted myself more than usual and as a result have completely lost my voice from over exersion! It was worth it though. A few days rest will hopefully sort me out. I'm up to my transplant hospital for clinic on Wednesday so fingers crossed all is well for then. I'll leave you with a copy of my interview to watch xxx


  1. Wonderful interview.... Praying for you as well..

  2. Look at those legs, absolutly gorgeous ;-) hehe. Apparently you had some kind of message to put across too, I forget what :-P

    I think that should be OUR friend Pete, not her friend hehe, I love u every bit as much as rachy, just in different ways ;-)

    U'l get yours this year, I promise