Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Our newest Ambassador & keeping up to date.

We are delighted to welcome the lovely Kirstie Mills as a new addition to our LLTGL Ambassadorial team.
Kirstie is 21 years old and has just been told she has been accepted onto the waiting list for a double lung transplant. Kirstie has already started campaigning fiercely and is showing the world that she's a force to be reckoned with! She's doing a fantastic job and we're honoured to have her as part of the LLTGL team.

Our wonderful Ambassadors Tor and Rachy are still working incredibly hard, despite their health battles. You can follow what all three of these incredible women are up to in a variety of ways:


Tor has been waiting for almost 4 years now and despite growing progressively more poorly, is still fighting hard. Check out Tor's twitter here, or you can join her facebook group here to add your messages of support. Tor also keeps her own blog here.


Rachy has suffered numerous and severe complications since her transplant. Her optimistic attitude and determination to continue campaigning regardless is inspirational. She is also on Twitter and her blog can be found here.


Kirstie has only just been listed for transplant but is currently having a very tough time and is in and out of hospital whilst they try to stablise her. She has her own facebook group here and her blog can be accessed by clicking here.

We're hugely grateful to all three of our Ambassadors for everything that they do, both for us at LLTGL and for the entire transplant community.