Monday, 31 May 2010

Rachy update

Forgive me for shameful lack of blogging recently, I am a terrible Advocate! I've been struggling myself recently and finding it difficult to cope because of various things, so haven't been as talkative as usual.
However I do have some fantastic news about my fellow advocate Rachy that I had to share. On Friday she was allowed to leave hospital and start out on her brand new life, isn't that amazing?! From arriving at the hospital to have her transplant, breathless, on oxygen, in a wheelchair, and nearing the end of her life, just a few months later she has been transformed to someone who walked out of the hospital, tube and wheelchair free, with endless possiblities ahead of her. That is the miracle of transplant, I can't say it any clearer than that.
I'm sure Rachy will be along to update you all herself very soon but I wanted to let you all know how well she has done and send big hugs and kisses from all of us here.