Monday, 9 May 2011

Rachy's update

A blog post I've been meaning to make for a while now but one I just haven't been able to put into words.
Since becoming an ambassador for LLTGL I received my one and only call for lungs at 4.10am on March 10th 2010. At the time I was desperately ill, relying on a non invasive ventilator to breathe 24hrs a day. I had lost hope that my call was coming, the previous evening texting LLTGL chair Emily saying "I think my time has run out". Once I got the call we grabbed essentials and sped towards the hospital, I was settled in a small sideroom by 5am, not knowing I'd spend the next 14hrs here waiting to hear if the lungs were good enough. waiting to hear if the lungs were good enough 10am
By late afternoon I'd prepared myself for the fact I'd probably be going home, it had been a long time and although members of the transplant team were coming and going they had very little news. Mum and dad left me to get some rest around 5.30pm, after around half an hour an anaesthetist appeared at my door. The transplant was going ahead and he'd come to take me to theatre. I signed my final consent forms in a complete blur, I was physically shaking and could barely hold the pen. By almost 7pm I was in the anaesthetic room with lines in and ready to be anaesthetised, my last pre transplant picture was taken at 6.48pm. The wait then began for mum and dad and after 10 long hours they got a call to say I came out of theatre at 4am on 11.03.10. The team had worked for 20hrs straight to save my life. My donor was non-heart beating, I was one of only 30 recipients in the UK at the time to have a non-heart beating donor and only the third person at my hospital to have such a transplant. recovering post op in ICU
Due to how unwell I was pre transplant my recovery post op was long and complicated. I was in hospital almost 3mths and required an extended stay in intensive care. My recovery is on going and my post transplant life has seen me face new challenges I never thought I'd have to face. I have suffered complications and unfortunately the lungs are now damaged and will not recover. I'm now back on oxygen and reliant on alot of treatment to keep me alive but I do not regret having my transplant for a second. My time had run out the fact I'm still here now is thanks to the hard work of the transplant team, the bravery of one special family and the kindness of an amazing donor. You can keep update with my progress here.
Rachy xx