Sunday, 21 February 2010

Inside Out (UPDATED)

Here is the link to view online, the organ donor piece starts 10mins 30 into the programme. Think its only availiable for a few days so watch it while you can!

Hi all,
Hoping to write a longer blog very soon but just wanted to let you all know that a piece I filmed for BBC 1 Inside Out London is going to be shown tomorrow (Monday 22nd) at 7.30pm. For those of you not in the London area I will post a link to view it online very soon. Basically the half hour show deals with 3 stories and the piece that I feature in lasts about 10 minutes and shows different angles and stories from the whole process of organ donation. I probably wont feature very much but I think it will be a fantastic and emotive piece about the good that donation can do.
Tor x

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  1. well done tor, look forward to catching it, you always portray life on the list so well x